First times…

Since this is my first time on Word-press, I thought I would write about first times…so here goes…please feel free to add your first times too…

First day at school:

Imagine a six year old in a South Wales Primary School, with no knowledge of the English Language, trying to fit in with all the other kids, and unable to tell the teacher that it wasn’t that she didn’t want to drink the small bottle of milk in front of her, but that she was allergic to it!!

First romantic notions:

I think it was at the age of twelve, when my heart would flutter at the mere sight of a certain Indian boy in school. I can vividly remember sitting on the school bus, my teenage heart ticking (my teenage spots glowing), mumbling the words to Wham’s (aka George Michael’s) Last Christmas whilst looking into his eyes, two seats behind me. I had already bought a small heart from a gift shop, which I had carefully planned to slip into his pocket as I walked past him. However, the heart and I spent a tearful evening in my bedroom, listening to slow eighties ballads…

First Alcoholic Beverage:

I was an O Level child (for those who don’t know – they are the exams we sat at 16 at school). At the end of the exams, and with summer coming up, my friends decided it would be a great idea to celebrate the final day by having a picnic, to which we would all bring some form of alcohol. The picnic was in a field, which as I remember was also the home of a bull, which managed to chase us off the property as soon as it realised that the alcohol had got the better of us. The journey home was horrific, and as my parents took over (thinking I had caught some sort of bug) I rolled into bed, swore never to drink again, and slept for two days.

First holiday without parents:

It was a school trip to France, when I was 17. An unforgettable experience, full of interesting little stories, but one which made me fall deeply in love with the country, the people, and the culture.

First love:

University is really a time of experience, and enjoying everything and anything. That’s where I really did meet my first love…the saddest thing was that I never told him! I remained the best friend!!! (a word to the wise…let those feelings out!!!)

First One to One Experience:

Again at University…it was intimate…a little terrifying and I must admit not really worth all that fuss!!!

First Real Love:

Let’s just say you never know when it will hit you, and in my case, too late…

First child:

I love both my children…but having them…a completely different matter. Let’s not dwell on this one…

First home:

Damp, cold and undesirable

First lesson:

Never have …Great Expectations…

Thank you for reading my first post…

Hello world!